Co-productions have several meanings in the film industry which can be confusing to even the most experienced filmmaker. One reference most widely assumed is an arrangement between two production companies or two producers whom engage in the business of collaborating on a movie production or television program to create an entertaining product by contributing to film budgets that drive content to production and distribution globally. These type of co-productions entail working together with one party bringing relevant elements to the table with the other party likewise bringing assets of value to the deal.

The less appreciated meaning of co-productions or a co-production within the movie world however is the legal financial treaty arrangements set up between two countries in order to facilitate the advancement and support of each of their respective indigenous local film industries. Countries engage in these agreements with the impressive goal of creatively and financially assisting their filmmakers, and in the Arts in general, toward success in the worldwide appreciation and marketplace for creative ideas and the generation of their nations intellectual property.

Germany – United Kingdom – France – Australia – Canada details, regulations and links to relevant information.

Film Location Austria announces new film co-production fund for September 2010 implementation.

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