Apple Patents Reveal Holographic Screens – 3D Without Glasses

Apple patent reveals plans for holographic display

Television and cinema screens that produce holographic images without the need for special glasses are being developed by computer giant Apple.

A recently granted patent reveals that Apple, the company behind the iPod and iPhone, has been working on a new type of display screen that produces three dimensional and even holographic images without the need for glasses.

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Movie Cameras | Film and Digital Cameras |Panavision ®

Panavision ®

Panavision is the benchmark standard in film and digital cameras for feature films and television worldwide in the motion picture industry.   The undisputed leader in cinematic imaging technology, Panavision cameras are utilized by 90% of the top ten films as reported by Daily Variety and used in over 50% of Oscar ® winners for Best Picture.  With the arrival of the Genesis ® digital camera systems Panavision lead the way in technological advancement in digital cinematography.   The company is not only technically at the forefront of camera design, service and support, the firm works with filmmakers in helping to provide camera rentals in accordance with the  film budgets of their clients productions.  Their generosity in supporting up and coming talent in the movie business is widely acknowledged. founder Jack Binder was one of the first film producers to use the Genesis on a major feature film.  The decision to shoot with the most advanced digital motion picture camera was a team decision lead by lead actor Adam Sandler, director Mike Binder and Jack Binder for the Columbia Pictures release “Reign Over Me” based on the astounding ability of the camera to capture images indiscernible from those of standard 35mm traditional film cameras.   The decision was enhanced by its impact on film budgets which provided an overall savings for a creatively desired affect.

Panavision has won multiple Oscars and Emmys for its camera systems.  The company also rents lighting systems, the highly prized Panavision line of lenses, filters and camera accessories worlwide.   One of the primary advantages of making a movie with Panavision camera systems is the global reach and support, the ability to work with a producer’s film budget while film budgeting and with offices and suppliers in every major production center and country.   Service is a hallmark of the company meaning when you shoot with their cameras you are fully supported 24/7 by qualified technicians who know their gear inside and out, literally.

Camera models include the 35mm standards Gold, Platinum and Millenium lines and of course the HD Genesis system with its solid state hard drive technology.

Film Budgets: NYU Film School

New York University (NYU) – Tisch School of the Arts – The Maurice Kanbar School of Film & Television

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NYU is considered one of the most prestgious film schools in the world with an extraordinary number of successful filmmakers working today having attended.   Well known alumni include:

Paul Thomas Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Bell, Martin Brest, James L. Brooks, Susan Cartsonas, Chris Columbus, Billy Crudup, Billy Crystal,  Bridget Fonda, Marc Forster, Gina Gershon, Ann Hatthaway, Jim Jarmusch, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ang Lee, Adam Sandler, John Patrick Shanley, Neil Simon, Barry Sonnenfeld, to name a few.


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NYU Film School - Tisch School of the Arts

Film Budgets

A quality movie begins with a great screenplay and of course when financing is sought after there is the need for film budgets by a qualified line producer for the investors, lenders and bond companies. creates custom, detailed film budgets by a veteran line producer.