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Austria Film Fund

Film Location Austria enters the European film fund sector offering a nationalized film tax incentive to build upon indigenous and inward investment film production.
Current funding level is €20 million or USD $20M.
Details: 25% of total production spend in country or a cap of 15% the total amount allocated annually to Film Location Austria.
Local spend requirement: 25% of film budgets to be spent in Austria (20% for movie budgets over €10 million).
Applicants must pass an economic point system and cultural test following local and EU guidelines.

Recent films shot in Austria:
Knight and Day starring Kiera Knightly/Tom Cruise
The Pillars of the Earth
Quantom of Solace starring Daniel Craig as 007


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Movie Budget

A movie budget is critical to moving your production forward to production and distribution. The key document in any film business plan, quality movie budgets are required by banks, lenders, completion bond companies and film fund authorities. Likewise, film tax incentive establishments will insist upon a budget for your project in order to consider it for investment. When you need a film budget contact us for a thorough analysis, consultation and delivery of a complete finance and camera ready budget and schedule.   A veteran film producer provides you with extensive film budgeting advice and consultation in delivering a finance and camera ready movie budget for investors, lenders and foreign sales companies to evaluate a film project with credible analysis and reliable figures.

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Film Budgets | Red Camera Systems

Red Camera

The Red One camera system took the movie making world by storm upon its announcement in 2006 and the continued development of the products and accessories available to the filmmaking universe. Setting their sights on film with lower film budgets and the ability of young enthusiasts with a passion for storytelling to enter the production world founders Jim Jannard, creator of Oakley sunglasses fame and Ted Shilowitz (“the leader of the revolution”) were determined to bring down the cost of the digital film camera and to make them available to a wide segment of the movie industry.


In a very short period of time Red has gained credibility and been utilized in many productions to date and continues to enthrall users with its pristine image, ease of use and scalability.

In fact founder Jack Binder used the Red on a small European feature which came to film in Michigan with a tiny film budget as well as Pirates of the Carribean (4) On Stranger Tides with their enormous film budgets where they are using six Red cameras in a 3D application utilizing the Mysterium-X red camera. On “Pirates” Panavision has provided the cameras and outfitted them to use Panavision lenses.



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